What Good Vibes Are Actually Made Of

Every second we are putting out vibrations. Whether you're aware of it or not, you are vibrating right now. What kind of "vibes" are you putting out into the world? Fun, and very true fact: the vibrations you're creating right now are either creating more of what you want in your life, or more of what you don't want in your life. 


Were you aware of that? I sure as fuck wasn't. Luckily for me, I love to be happy! Love IT! I'll force that shit even when I'm not super excited about something. My motto: Never not stoked! The reality of that is part bullshit, and part genius! 

I unknowingly was helping myself create more of the good things I wanted in my life, just by choosing to smile, to be happy and not pay the bad shit any mind. Literally, Bad Shit... you aren't allowed to take up space in my mind. 

Because thoughts are things. They carry with them an energy. That very same energy causes us to ACT on our thoughts and in turn, our actions become our reality! 

Did you get lost in the math there? I basically just told you that your thoughts control the current snapshot of your life. Are you thinking pretty thoughts? Are you saying nice things in your head? Are good words falling out of your mouth? Maybe you're not even paying attention to the thoughts that are popping into your head.

I wasn't. I just knew that bad thoughts and things existed, but I knew that I didn't want to make room for them in my mind. In my head, the forecast is sunny and 75 every. single. day. 

But the weather wasn't always so breezy. I've felt trapped in my own life. Like my existence was out of my control. For a long time I was perpetually unhappy, and completely unaware of how misserable I was. I just though that this was life. This is how everyone feels, right?

My parents didn't give me a tool bag full of "happiness hacks." Seventeen years of formal education and there was never a class on how to lead a happy and fulfilling life. But it got me thinking: why the hell doesn't anyone teach us how to be happy? Because there is defiantly a formula to living a meaningful and fulfilling happy life!

I want to share with you the things I'm learning because I want you to smile!! I want you to be excited to wake up every morning and live your life to the fullest! After all, this is the one and only life you get. One shot at it. No do-overs. No take-backs, and there is no "next time around." This is it!

And SURPRISE! You're in it already. It's happening... right now!

So what can you do that's small and easy, but will make a HUGE impact?

As a bite-sized exercise I want you to sit, alone... in silence. Within the first millisecond you're mind will start thinking a million thoughts. When they come, welcome them as if they were a new person visiting your house for the first time. “Hi there, Sir. Are you a nice person, or are you an asshole?” If the latter rings true, give that thought the boot! #byefelicia you're not welcome here. Then move on.

What you just did is the very basic principal of meditating. Fun, right? Paying attention to the thoughts that come into your head and being able to decide what ones you give your precious energy to. Control is nice, and you have it all!

Try to do this more and more in your life. Say you're driving to work in the morning and someone cuts you off? You think, "thiiiiss bitch." Then stop yourself, and ask: what kind of thoughts am I having right now? Perhaps thoughts of murder that might land you in jail? Road rage is a real thing, my friend. Instead of letting a bunch of negative thoughts about the dick wad who just endangered your life take up precious real estate in your mind, try to smile at him and wish him well. 

When you use your energy to get angry and frustrated your only putting out negative vibrations. In turn, you will attract more negative energy into your life. But if you smile and wave at him, you will be vibrating at a high energy and will attract other smiling and waving people into your life. 

Such a simple concept, yet I didn't learn it until I was 29. So until next time, happy thinking, Friends.